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Most cited paper, About a year ago i wrote a post on some of the most important this included such revolutionary papers as einstein's initial paper on special relativity, the.

Tips for preparing a search: keep it simple - don't use too many different parameters separate search groups with parentheses and booleans note the boolean sign. Social reading with qscience qscience are always exploring ways in which our authors papers can be discussed and shared with as many people as possible. Most cited computer science citations this list is generated from documents in the citeseer x database as of march 19, 2015 this list is automatically generated and. The most highly cited paper in publishing history: protein determination by oliver h lowry it was cited 275,669 times. The most cited articles published since 2012, extracted from scopus.

Theranostics is very pleased to announce the most cited paper award to the paper published in the past two years that attracts the most citations citations of papers are based on data from sci and/or google scholar that tracks the. This post introduces a curated list of the most cited deep learning papers (since 2012), provides the inclusion criteria, shares a few entry examples, and points to. Here at science we love ranking things, so we were thrilled with this list of the top 100 most-cited scientific papers, courtesy of nature surprisingly absent are. Top cited articles of all time (2013 edition) the 40 most highly cited papers of all time (2013 edition) keep in mind that citation counts can never be exact.

[email protected] eugene garfield institute forscientific [email protected]’ 3501 market st philadelphia pa 191c4 i the most-cited papers of all time, scz. Oliver h lowry oliver howe lowry (july 18, 1910 describing the protein assay was still the most-highly cited paper of all time with more than 310,000.

  • The 100 articles most cited by social sciences, 1969-1977 http://wwwgarfieldlibraryupennedu/essays/v3p563y1977-78pdf the 100 books most cited by social.
  • But if someone takes an existing statistical method and ports it to another field, i don’t consider it eligible for the “most cited statistics papers.
  • Which papers made the biggest splash this year linkurl:sciencewatch,http://wwwsciencewatchcom/ a website that tracks and analyzes trends in basic science research.
  • When you say most cited economics paper of all time are you referring to one single paper or do you also include one thousand copies of the same paper each of which.

Background a minority of scientific journals publishes the majority of scientific papers and receives the majority of citations the extent of concentration of the. How can the answer be improved.

Most cited paper
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